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Bezesteni, in Larissa was a covered fabric market on the Ottoman Empire. Was built on the highest point of the hill, the ancient acropolis of Larissa, also known as Fort and dating around the late 15th and early 16th century. Probably there would be the Byzantine citadel.

Interior of Bezesteni

Interior of Bezesteni

One of the entrances

One of the entrances

The name Bezesteni means textile market as derived from the Arabic word meaning bez cotton and bezzaz word meaning cloth merchant.

The design and architecture based on the architecture of mosques. It was built by the Ottomans and is one of the few Ottoman architectural monuments preserved in Greece.

Bezesteni Larissa is a large rectangular building dimensions 30 on 20 meters built of large stones and bricks.

Are even cases that marble architectural parts of the ancient temple of Athena Polias that existed in the area is built therein.

On each side there was an entrance that led inside. Now preserved only the south entrance, while others were built. Brought vaulting consisting of six arches and mud-brick exterior, covered with pencil, to withstand moisture. Inside there were 21 shops all them covered with tiles. On the north side there was an entrance leading to a small room (3.5 over 4.5 meters). The entrance door that was covered with iron.

It is assumed that this space was the treasury, which kept the fortunes of the rich region and the archive of the city.


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