Basilica of St. Achilles

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Κοινωνικός Διαμοιρασμός :

At the top of Fortress, considered the citadel of ancient Larissa, found south of the Ottoman Bezesteni 1978 the remains of a large basilica.

The prominent position of the basilica, the inscription "Achilles Archbishop this is the work," found in well mouthpiece fragments and blocks the ACHILLION stamp led to the identification of the basilica to the church dedicated to the patron and first bishop of the city St. Achillion.


The most important finding was two luxurious vaulted tombs. The two vaulted tombs, as well as numerous cist and free burials found inside, it was considered that existed prior to the basilica, because their level is below the remains of the mosaic floor.

The addition of the apse in the north aisle led many researchers to the hypothesis that the tomb of the north aisle must be identified with the tomb of St. Achilles, over which later built the basilica.


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